The Seaboard & District Oil Club (Run locally to save YOU money)

The Seaboard & District Oil Club is an independent non profit making local group which has been set up to help local people save on the cost of heating oil.

How does it work? Simple, by bulk buying.  The members let their contact know how much oil they require.  The main contact then rings around all the local suppliers and gets quotes for perhaps 30,000 litres of oil to be delivered to the local area.  The company with the cheapest quote gets the order.  They get a large order and they save on delivery costs.  The members get their oil at the most competitive price.

How much does it cost to be in the cub?  Nothing.  Membership is entirely free.  The club is run by local volunteers for the benefit of the community.

How do I join? You just contact one of the organisers and let them know you want in! See contact details at the bottom of the page.

How many members are there? 172 at the moment.  

Where are they? Balintore, Hilton-of-Cadboll,  Shandwick, Fearn, Cadboll,  Nigg, Arabella, Kildary, Inver, Tain, Portmahomack, Rockfield

The Seaboard & District Oil Club started in 2013 and so far has placed orders in excess of 165,000 litres. That’s why they can negotiate a discount!


Stanley Delbridge, Cragganmore, Ross Crescent, IV20 1UW , Tel: 01862 832382